ColdFusion 9, Apache, Xampp

Running Apache with ColdFusion should be relatively simple; install ColdFusion and Apache, and then run the Web Server Configuration tool. I tried this recently with the developer version of ColdFusion 9 and got an unhelpful error about the file. I’ve also heard fro a couple of other developers having similar issues.

Rather then trying to figure out whats wrong with the ColdFusion install, you can set this up manually. On the following site, the author has detailed how to do this step by step: It takes only a few minutes, and is simpler than it looks.

There are a few minor things in the steps to watch out for. You need to set the jrun proxy server property called ‘deactivated’ to false (the article says true). There are some minor typos with white space and numbering (so if configuring for apache use ’1′ for everything where you see a ’2′).

These instructions were designed for a standard Apache install; if you have an Xampp install (to get a lamp stack with mysql php etc), the above instructions will also work for xampp, provided you modify the pathnames to the xampp apache server.

BTW  Whilst Xampp is an easy way to get a flexible development setup, it is not something I would consider for a production environment.

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