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Tag will “soon” be releasing its first Adobe AIR application. This is planned for 2 weeks after the AIR 1.0  release. Thanks to the Adobe team for passing on the dates.

Our Marketing Resource Management tool, CMD, is offered as SAAS (software as a service).  It is used by many well known brands to manage their advertising campaigns, production, assets etc globally.

Tag was a very early adopter of the web and delivering applications through the web. More recently we have investing heavily in Flex to improve the user experience, and to provide a much better way of dealing with large sets of data. Flex allows us to provide web applications that can match the capabilities of desktop equivalents.

We saw Adobe AIR as a very interesting evolution of Flash technology, one that was unique in allowing Internet developers to create compelling desktop applications. It was also seen as a technology that  wasn’t particularly relevant to our offerings.

Last last year we were approached by a client to provide a service to their sales force. They have laptops with 3G cards, but given the incomplete coverage of 3G, the system has to work even when offline. We have pooled together resources from our interactive and development teams to create our first Adobe application.

The first release is quite a simple application with which we have purposely limited its scope to ensure minimum risk; once we have it installed on the users laptops we plan to extend the application to make use of the built in database and increase the facilities provided to the users.

If it is of sufficient interest I may show this as part of my presentation at Scotch.

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  1. Sounds interesting – I’d like to see it covered at SOTR.

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